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April 30th, 2016

Learn the proper essential oils to use and how to use them on your horse while learning the grounds of round penning

round penn pic Ever wonder what your horse is thinking Find out the secrets of understanding your horse's state of mind, recognizing your own mental patterns, and what you can do to calm it all.
Practice acupressure techniques for restoring flow and vitality to your horse-the results will amaze you...

Learn the basics of message methods using Essential Oils and receive horse whispering (round penning) guidance combining self awareness, techniques for reading your horse's mind Breathing tools for calming your horse and yourself. registration form   Join Young Living

Private Lessons available 2 hour informative and hands on for only $300.00

Essential oils are distilled from a wide variety of plants and have many functions within those plants.

When inhaled, essential oils trigger neurotransmitters that can reduce pain, cause sedation, stimulation, or calmness, and help balance the body. In a natural environment horses will pick out the herbs they need to maintain a healthy system. The horse will respond to the essential oils by either inhaling, licking or turning away. Animal responses to the essential oils are very clear and uniquely expressed by each different personality.

The Universal truth about horsemanship is that there is an alpha and omega in every herd, and when training a horse, you're in a herd of two - you and the horse. Who is in charge? Ultimately, that alpha must be the leader, you must take charge, and to do this, you must build trust in that horse, letting the animal know you are confident, and calm, you will assume the responsibility, and relieve the horse to relax at your hand. How then do we then develop, maintain, and communicate confidence consistently? What happens when we do not project confidence with the horse?

The bonus to the techniques learned in this clinic is that the same principles apply in our daily life, with people who are not as easily trained... Gain tools to begin to master the first your relationship with your horse, and ultimately yourself.