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Horse Trimming for Novices Clinic
Saturday May 21st or Sunday June 18th, 2016

40 Years of Farrier service John and his Farriers are familiar with the Schmitz, Schultz and Strausser trimming techniques. They keep up to date with the latest shoeing and trimming techniques by attending many clinics.

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In this one day training we will learn:
  • Understand the parts of the hoof
  • The natural movement of the hoof
  • The proper angles of a hoof and a healthly hoof
  • Proper way of using using a hoof knife
  • 3 different trimming techniques (Bradley, Schultz and Strauser)
  • How to use a rasp and the care of your tools
  • The safety zones of a horse and proper way of lifting the hoof and the farriers proper stance of holding a hoof without hurting your back
  • We train with the use of a gadaver hoof and use the learned techniques on practice on live horse
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Upon completion of the class: you will know how to Properly and Comfortably trim your horse. You will be confident on the angle of the hoof and how the horse travels