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AtoZ Percherons Farrier Services

The Legendary John Adametz has over 40 years of Farrier services, he has trained many farriers. John's Theory: "Treat each horse as if he or she's the only one you've got to work on all day."

*Prompt & reliable, John calls beforehand to confirm scheduled appointments
*Natural horsemanship trimming
*We do all equine-Saddle Horse, Drafts, Donkey's, Mules, Miniature horses, (no lamas)
*Specialize in foundered hoofs, using a rocker shoe
*Specialize in hoof problems, and corrective shoeing
*Portable stock available
*John and his farriers are familiar with the Schmitz, Schultz and Strausser trimming   techniques

Call 608-623-2888 for pricing, please leave a message and John will return your call
or email atozperch@atozperch.com